Welome to The Candid Millennial!

My name is Amy and I am just your typical girl in her 20s struggling to survive in the LA city. I am currently a senior in college with not a clue in my mind of what I want to do with my life. I tried listing out some of my strengths, i.e. Professional Napper, Netflix-er, Foodie, and Candy Crusher, but I couldn’t really put that on my resume.

Someone recently told me that I should start writing down things that I find interesting everyday and maybe I’ll eventually figure out what I’m passionate about it. But I thought, why keep these thoughts to myself when I can share them with the world? Thus the birth of The Candid Millennial.

As a member of Generation Y, I encounter some pretty interesting (or awkward) situations that I would love to talk about with all of you. Whether it’s about love (or lack of love – in my case), adventures, or general things that happen everyday, I hope you all find something that relates to you. I am by all means not qualified to give out any advice, but my only hope is that when you leave this page, you feel just a little more inspired than you were before.